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The Cherrry Gang - Cherry Tomato

There is nothing that says “it came from my garden” better than us, a gang of cherry tomatoes.  We taste so sweet that we have been called garden candy.  When picking us it is hard not to eat us right away.  Plant us in a sunny space and get a grown up to help put up stakes or cages for us to grow big and tall.  Water daily and tall 6 foot vines will grow loads of super sweet thin skinned fruits.  You will have plenty to share with your friends and family.  We grow into bite size round fruits, and weigh about 1 ounce each. Because we are strong, we bear fruit right up until frost so you can snack on us into the fall.  

Growing instructions:
Bright red, bite size Cherry Tomatoes are sweet and bursting with flavor.  It’s a fun plant to grow and a fun plant to harvest when covered with bunches of tomatoes you can pick by the handful.  They can be grown just about anywhere; they do great in the garden but also thrive in pots on patios, decks or balconies.  Just make sure they get over a half a day of sunlight and they will do fine. 

When you plant your cherry tomatoes in the garden make sure to pick a sunny spot. Bury the stem a little deeper than the soil level of the pot it is in, this will help your plant to develop roots along the stem and become a stronger healthier plant. Place a tomato tower or cage over the plant.  As the plant grows, train it to stay in the cage.  It is also a good idea to place a large stake or tall stick inside or next to the cage.  When the tomato out grows the cage, you can continue to keep tying the vine to the stake to support it as it gets taller and taller.

If you decide to plant your cherry tomato in a container is important to know that they need a lot of room for their roots to grow.  The bigger the container the better, it is recommended to use a pot that is at least 18 to 20 inches wide.  If you use a small container you are going to limit how big your plant can get you and will not get as many tomatoes as you could have.  Make sure to use a cage or stake to give the vine something to support it, and something to allow you to train it to grow upward.

It is a good idea to fertilize throughout the season.  If you go to the garden center you bought your plant from, they will have fertilizers that are made just for tomatoes.  Use every few weeks following fertilizer directions and you will be rewarded with mountains of small delicious fruits.