I am probably the coolest cucumber in the whole world.  I am so crisp and delicious, I can be eaten right from the garden or on sandwiches, salads and sometimes I have even been known to get myself into a pickle.   I grow yellow flowers that turn into dark green cucumbers on small compact plants that save on room.  Plant me in mounds or containers and harvest my fruits once they are 4-5 inches long.  Pick them often to keep new cucumbers coming all season long. 

Growing instructions:
Plant Luke the Cuke in mounds, in rows, on fences, on trellises or in containers.  There are advantages to each way so pick the way that is the best for you and your garden.

Cucumbers grow on vines and take up a lot of room, so if you place them on a small hill, they will grow down the sides and have plenty of room to spread outward.  Put plants on the top of the mound and guide the young vines down the slopes.  They eventually will take over the entire area.

If you decide to grow in rows, it is a good idea to give the plants lots of room.  Put cucumber plants a few feet apart with 3-4 feet between rows.  You need room for the vines to spread so if you have a large garden give cucumbers more space 5-6 feet between rows.   Train them while they are young so they do not grow toward other vegetables.  Cucumber vines will climb up neighboring peppers or tomatoes or any plant that is near them.

Speaking of climbing, a great way to plant cucumbers is along a fence or on a trellis.  The vines naturally like to grow upward and climb towards sunlight. When the plants are young and a few inches long wrap them around the bottom of something to climb on.  As the plants grow train any vines growing away from the fence or trellis by weaving them onto something to climb on and let nature do the rest.  One caution, make sure that you pick an area to the back of your garden, the leaves and vines can cast a shadow and cause shady areas in the area behind them. 

Growing cucumbers in containers is a great way to free up space in your garden.  Just make sure to water often because pots tend to dry out especially on sunny windy days.  Grow cucumbers in a large container and give them a pole, or trellis to grown on. 

Make sure to pick your cucumbers when they are 4-5 inches long.  If they start to turn yellow or to large they can become bitter and not taste as good.  It is also a good idea to check your garden after heavy rains; cucumbers are 90% water and can swell and turn into balls.  In either case, if cucumbers grow to large or swell from too much rain, they can not only be bitter, but also develop large seeds which make them hard to eat.  So pick them small, and pick often and give the plant a chance to produce more delicious cucumbers.