Beanzy The Cool Bean

I am quite possibly the tastiest meal that you can grow.  Plant me in a sunny spot and I will grow some of the prettiest white flowers you have ever seen.  My flowers turn into plump, round, tender dark green beans that are best when they are 7-8 inches long.  For best flavor pick early in the morning after the leaves are dry.  If you keep picking my beans all season long I will keep producing until frost comes. I love to climb so plant in rows along a fence, or give me a pole, string or build me a teepee to grow on. 

Growing instructions:
Beans are probably the only vegetable that loves to climb.  Remember this when it comes time to select a location to plant them.  They love full sun and love to climb upward to get as much light as possible.  They grow great on a fence, trellis; you can even build a teepee out of sticks for them to grow on.  Just remember that they will cast a shadow on the area behind them so make sure it is in area where they will not rob another plant in your garden of light.
Beans develop small tendrils, or miniature vines to grab on to things as they climb.  Watch for small white flowers to develop.  These flowers eventually turn into pods that create beans.  Pick your beans while these pods are still smooth and crisp.  If you wait too long the insides of the pods turn to tough seeds that do not taste as good. 
Pick your Beans as often as possible, and the plants will keep producing a constant supply.